Truchas TU San Pedro Parks Wilderness Trip

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Mon Jun 6 07:16:06 MDT 2005

The Santa Fe National Forest is looking for volunteers June 13-16th.  

Here is the information from Chuck Dentino.  Please contact Chuck directly.

Hey Folks,  San Pedro Parks Wilderness trip is coming right up.  I am just
starting to get things together.  Was wondering if folks are still
interested or if there are any new folks that would like to volunteer to do
some snorkeling.  We will be snorkeling the Rio de las Vacas, Rio Puerco,
Rio Anastacio, and two small unnamed tribs.   We will be leaving on Monday
6/13 and returning on Thursday 6/16.  Most of the snorkeling will be on
6/14.  Last year we got to see a lot of fish.  This is way better than
pounding nails!  Please let me know if you can make it and I will send you
more information.

By the way all the fence work paid off.  Visitors were keeping their rigs
behind the fence and walking to the creek last weekend.  There were about
twenty people camped along the long fence you guys made!  Thanks for all
your help!

Chuck Dentino
Assistant Fisheries Biologist
Santa Fe National Forest

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