[Oxford63] Update and Best Wishes for a Happy 4th!

Mary Hickok mhickok1 at verizon.net
Thu Jul 1 14:47:30 MDT 2021

Hi—-Leslie, aka Lelly, is a grandmother at long last.  Effie was born July 20 and Samantha, James and Effie are all doing great!
I wrote Jane to ask her thoughts on when we should schedule another Zoom call.  We agreed that late July might be about the same length of time we have had previously, but in the end I think we should wait until early September.  We are all getting used to being out and about, and I’ll bet that the summer will be busy for everyone. Anyone want to have a call sooner??
Tomorrow, our San Francisco daughter, and grandson, Theo, arrive on the red-eye,  I am so excited; may not sleep tonight.  Last saw him a year ago March.  So, it will be a great 4th of July weekend for us, and I wish that for everyone.  Love, Bonnie

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