[Oxford63] Latest Santa Rosa Fires

Nancy Luke nancy_luke at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 28 23:59:41 MDT 2020

A few of you have asked how George and I are doing regarding the current fire affecting Napa and eastern Sonoma Counties. So far we personally are fine and feel safe (fingers crossed) as we are on the west side of Santa Rosa and the fire’s approach is from the east.  We have not been asked to evacuate but I know many people who have.  Additionally our power has not been cut off 👍. The sun and moon are orange, the air was smoky today, and our yard and deck were covered in ashes when we awoke this morning. I am not complaining. 
Tonight the temperatures have cooled and the wind is both calmer and coming in from the ocean, which brings in some moisture and sends the fire back into itself.  
Stay well, everyone, and thank you for your thoughts. 


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