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Wed Sep 16 06:31:52 MDT 2020

Loved the video, Jane. " It's the little things in life...", right? 😊

I am enjoying the salt sea air, long beach walks with a dear friend,
watching the seals (about 300 of them in a pile on the sandbar at low tide)
and time with 2 of my children. I think my favorite part of being with my
kids is seeing how much they love and enjoy each other.

Nancy, so glad to hear you are ok. My daughter moved back east July 1st. If
she was still living on Howell Mt she would have been evacuated. I am glad
she is here.

The book I contributed to with my commune women friends is almost ready for
print... final edits are being worked on. Our web site is up and running,
but not yet complete. Sandy and I are supposed to write a mini commune
history for the site while we are here on vaca at the beach 😆... we
haven't gotten to it yet, preferring to walk and relax rather than
wrestling 30 years or so into a captivating paragraph. I will pass along
the web address when it is ready.

Love to all,
Debbie E 💕

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> Classmates -
> Sure enjoyed the Zoom meeting. Nancy Luke, I have been thinking of you for
> a few days. Glad you are safe from the current scourge. Sister Madeleine,
> sorry you had to undergo an operation, but it seems that gallbladders are
> not as essential as other appendages (organs?), so that's good. Hope you
> repair quickly!
> So, about Athena. She lives in the front garden (jungle?) from mid-May to
> mid-September. There seems to be plenty to eat, but since she spends her
> winters indoors, she has developed a taste for the easy life. Toward the
> end of last summer, she came and scratched at the door three or four times.
> This summer, she has made it a habit, like every two or three days. If she
> scratches in the morning, she heads for her indoor feeding area to get some
> Romaine. I leave the nearby sliding door ajar, and she generally returns to
> the garden after eating. If she shows up in the late afternoon, she opts
> for one of her bedrooms (either under a bookshelf or under the computer
> stand at my desk). Then the next morning I send her packing.
> On September 7th, through a window I happened to notice that Athena was
> headed for the door. I grabbed my pocket camera and went out the side door
> to to record the event. The camera does not have much of a zoom, and I did
> not want to get so close that I would unwittingly distract her. In
> hindsight, I wish I had swept the front patio (stuff blows in from the
> garden)!
> There were some technical issues, but I fixed them today. This is hardly a
> fast-paced action flick, but blessedly, it only lasts a minute and a half.
> https://youtu.be/1IsHZgAbH9U
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