[Oxford63] Survey Monkey Survey

Jane M. Hill jhill at cybermesa.com
Wed Dec 16 14:17:48 MST 2020

Classmates -

I thought it would be fun to take a survey of our interests and views. 
The idea is that I (or whoever wants to) would create it on Survey 
Monkey, a website just for such a purpose. Once the survey is created, 
each class member will receive a web address (URL) for the survey. No 
one else will have the address, so only members of our class can 
participate. There is no log in, so the survey is anonymous. All we get 
for results is how many participated and how each question was answered.

_As a sample_, attached are questions that appealed to my curiosity. I'm 
inviting everyone to submit questions. Since it will be multiple choice, 
it would be good to accompany questions with possible answers. Note that 
circles indicate that only one answer can be chosen. Squares allow for 
"pick all that apply" (multiple selections for a given question).

So, feel free to submit questions. Then we will get the survey underway. 
Thanks - and Happy Hanukkah and Christmas to all.

*** Jane ***

Cyber Mesa Telecom
Santa Fe Headquarters
Tel 505-988-9200

/Cyber Mesa Website/ <https://www.cybermesa.com>

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