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I love your universal story of Light, Jackie.
Bless you, and thank you.
💗 Debbie E

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> >> To my Oxford Classmates
> >>
> >> All the Light You Can not See is an extremely popular book and if you
> have not read it, do so! Sometimes, a routine activity can bring light. I
> went out one December afternoon in the falling darkness to charge up my
> little scooter which carries me faithfully across the Community to the
> craft house and my lace studio on the second floor. My scooter is a one
> person operation and reminds me of my adventurous days in Taiwan where I
> rode a 50cc scooter like all the missionaries,  a somewhat harrowing
> experience where easily 100-150 bikes would be stopped in their own lane at
> any given red light in the city of Taipei.
> >> The  sister who has given me use of her scooter said there was no
> light. Too bad, as I like to do lace in the evenings and days are short in
> winter New England. The escapade begins, trying to charge the scooter in
> the outside plug, trying not to ruin all the perennials  which just might
> return in the spring if I don't trample them  but I must still reach the
> plug precariously situated at the edge of the house hidden behind a bush.
> Plug connected!  I return to check if the scooter was in fact charging and
> there ....lo and behold is a small switch with a symbol of a light, no
> language or words needed! The scooter was no doubt made in Korea, Japan or
> even China. Photos are the universal language. The scooter has a light but
> where? A thorough search did not divulge its location and turning the
> switch ...nothing....a mystery? I go away. I return several hours later in
> the dark and lo and behold there is a light shining from the scooter!  Is
> that how it happens? Complete blackness in our lives, no way to switch on
> the light, we go away, surrender and then like magic God shines His light
> and the pathway ahead seems clear. I am filled with awe and wonder.....The
> physical scooter light is hidden beneath the basket. With a simple touch,
> the light turns down and shines out on the path. No more scary trips from
> the lace studio, literally in the dark. I am amazed.....I test the switch a
> couple of times as if to convince myself....I am right. Sure enough! Let
> there be light. May the light of the world bless you. May you have eyes to
> see!
> >> Blessed Christmas and Holiday
> >> Happy Hanukkah
> >> Sr Madeleine
> >>
> >>
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