[Oxford63] Manana at Noon EDT

Jane M. Hill jhill at cybermesa.com
Fri Apr 10 15:10:07 MDT 2020

Rena suggested at some point that I resend the Zoom instructions about 
now. Rena will send the invitation close to the event. If you have the 
Zoom software, all you need to do is click on the link for the meeting.

Here's how Zoom works. You need a device (from a phone to a tablet to a 
laptop or desktop) that has a microphone and a camera. From whatever 
device fits the bill, download the Zoom program from zoom.com. Whoever 
organizes the meeting will send out an email invitation. If you are 
using a phone, make sure it has access to your email. At the appointed 
meeting hour, open the email invitation and click on the link for the 
meeting. The Zoom program will open and connect you to the meeting. It 
will ask you if you want to enable audio. It will also ask if you want 
to enable video. If you miss the questions somehow, you can turn on or 
off both audio and video from the lower left corner of the screen 
(that's where they are on my computer at least).

Will look forward to "seeing" all of you!

*** Jane ***

Cyber Mesa Telecom
Santa Fe Headquarters
Tel 505-988-9200

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