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Claudia -

Happy Birthday to you, too! I'm proud that you're older - BY A DAY, no less.

Sorry to say that I will not come this year. All goes well in Santa Fe. 
I'm still working hard, though I think about an exist strategy here and 
there. Grand kids are thriving.

Best wishes to all of you. Hope to hear about the reunion - plus pictures.

*** Jane ***

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On 5/7/2018 11:31 AM, oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com wrote:
> yes, we are happy to host a dinner on Saturday night at our house if 
> people would like that. I am planning to participate in the reunion 
> festivities on Saturday June 9th. My contacts are 860-243-9964 and 
> claudiagwardyak at gmail.com. xo Claudia
> Happy Birthday, Jane!!
>> On May 7, 2018 at 1:12 PM oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com wrote:
>> I believe Claudia is only available on Saturday night for a get 
>> together. I think she has to go out of town on Sunday.
>> So we need find out who is coming and who is available Saturday night 
>> and/or Sunday brunch. I think some of us should at least go to the 
>> school for lunch on Saturday. Living out of town, I am not familiar 
>> with what could be available Sunday for brunch. We are staying at the 
>> Marriott in Farmington and I assume we could always meet there 
>> Sunday. I know some of the intown people are busy some of the time so 
>> I hope that if we do both Saturday night and Sunday brunch we could 
>> get to see everyone.
>> Please let everyone know if you are coming, when you can meet and any 
>> suggestions for Sunday. Hopefully Claudia is still able to host 
>> Saturday night. Alan and I will go anywhere as we will have a car.
>> Please sign your name and put your email and phone numbers including 
>> cell phone. That way everyone will have all the information when in CT.
>> Barbara Gross Rucket
>> 404.255.1005 h
>> 404.295.5700 c
>> Brucket at aol.com
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>> Well, here's my two cents. I am thinking it would be great to have 
>> our "just us" get together
>> be a Sunday brunch. This way, those wanting to participate in the 
>> school functions can do
>> so (it seems most of the stuff happens on Saturday ... including 
>> class pictures being taken
>> at the Sat night dinner). And those who are not interested in all the 
>> school goings on can just
>> appear Sunday to spend time with and catch up with dear "old" 
>> classmates. I also think, as
>> lovely as Groton Long Point at Sal's sounds, Claudia's is much closer 
>> and more convenient
>> in so far as ladies will already be right in town. But, I am not 
>> attached to one over the other.
>> I, for one, am looking forward to spending some quality time with you 
>> ladies. Let's get this
>> worked out so we know what's happening!
>> Love from me -
>> Debbie E.
>> On Fri, May 4, 2018 at 3:19 PM, <oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com 
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>>     Just received the reunion invitation. Have we made any definite
>>     decisions about Saturday night or Sunday brunch? We are happy to
>>     chip in or pick up something. Looking forward to it.
>>     Barbara Rucket
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