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Such sad news, Carol – I find two volumes of Nan’s poems on my shelf fortunately.  Here’s one


Drifting we wake
To a world of no angles
No edges.

Mysterious loaves
Huddle in front
Of each house.

An old VW
Is a rising bun,
An upended egg.

Everywhere the plumpness of doves,
The hospitable hollows,
The scooped-out insides of waves.

Love to all, Claudia

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Dear Classmates,

We have recently shared news of sad losses among us: Courtney, who cheerfully anchored us through so many years, and Nancy’s home base destroyed by wildfire.  The outpouring of sympathy and support makes me wonder if another loss might not be known by our class.  Last spring I was stunned to learn that Nancy Mallet Fry passed away a year ago.  She and I reunited at Wells College, but I neglected to keep up with her.  In the months leading up to our 50th Wells Reunion in June I intended to seek her out and rekindle our old friendship, but I delayed. Then a notice appeared in our Wells College Bulletin that she had passed away September 23, 2016. Why did I allow so much time to slip away?  Since this news came through Wells College, I assumed that Oxford was also informed, but maybe not.  Nan died of congestive heart failure.  It was completely unexpected.  She lived in Cabin John, Maryland with her husband, David Fry, a woodworking artist.
David Fry
6512 79th Place
Cabin John, Maryland 20818

I have attached an obituary from the Washington Post and another piece describing her writing.

With regrets,
Carol Doty Kalauskas

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