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Rena, thanks for sharing this. It is beautiful. Courtney was a hard at to follow- figuratively and literally. I was always in back of her when we were alphabetical. I do remember Karin Rosenthal.



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This was written by an old friend of mine from West Hartford: Karin Rosenthal. She is a well known fine art photographer (http://www.krosenthal.com/photography.html) * 

Karin wrote this for an obit being put together by a Wellesley classmate and whenever I see that, I will send it on (I contributed a story about the scholarship we set up for her)


*it was Karin's mother- also a photographer-who my mother hired to do the family photos that accompanied each birth announcement as my siblings were born

Courtney was my first friend ever.  I could not have chosen better.  Inherently true, kind, intelligent and gracious, Courtney was the perfect best friend.  We met when we were 5 and in kindergarten and were great friends all through elementary school.  My first overnight away from home was at her house.  Our friendship renewed when we were both at Wellesley and then grew again many years after graduation when I heard her lecture at the Metropolitan Museum.  She was as lovely and fine a human being as one could imagine, beautiful inside and out.  Everyone I know remembers her that way, but as an early childhood friend I got a rare perspective on a more mischievous side of her.  I remember with a smile some of our naughtier rite of passage exploits, pouring over the National Geographic magazines in the basement of my house, and the code words we assigned to stand for body parts, so we could share private laughs when certain ordinary words were spoken in class.  I will always cherish Courtney in my memory.

Here’s the photo I took of Courtney at 6 (in 1951) with my brand new box camera, possibly the very first photograph I ever took.  She’s standing with our first-grade teacher and elementary school principal at Beach Park School.

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