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Dear Oxford Ladies...,

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families..., this year no Thanksgiving dinner for me. As Jane have told you I am spending one month in Poland with my family. 
In my mind I am recalling my last Thanksgiving with Courtney. It was in the Northwestern Hospital, during one of her reg two week stays to clear her lungs from collecting liquid.
But I am glad we had a lot of laughter with Courtney even she was in the hospital, we made the best of it. 
And to be honest everyday of the year was Thanksgiving for us. We tried to make the best of each given day not knowing how many of them we will have together. And at the end of each day we thanked each other for the day well spent. I am still thanking Courtney for the privilege of helping her daily, although I no longer hear response back, I am quite sure she can hear me. 👌🏻
Today I just want to say thank you for including me in this group, I am very grateful.
I met many of you more than once we have shared many joyful moments, and we had fun times together. And you all made Courtney feel so good by keeping in touch and by your visits in CHICAGO or even staying in her place. She truly cherished all those times, and they were background of many conversations after...
It’s unheard of friendships and caring relationships lasting so many years among classmates after leaving high school. But you all make it look like it’s effortless for your class to be in touch. And you still do care very much of one another in time of need or disaster like California fires. Because the base of your friendship is true genuine Love. And in my opinion that’s what truly matter after all; “How much we loved !”
I feel truly blessed by knowing all of you and looking forward to getting to know you even better...
I wish your day will be filled with laughter, love, family and delicious food! Nancy and George thinking of you both and hope next year this time, you will be well settle in your new home with new kitchen appliances, full pantry and house with family and guests ...!
Much love to all of you from Poznan, Poland, thankful & blessed, Primo

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> On first pass I got a fair number of the family members wrong! Check new captions below -
> Dear Class -
> Primo went to Poland about a week ago. His Uncle George had just dies, and he was there in time for the funeral. He sent some photos of his family:
> <952611P+Grand.jpg>
> Primo with his Grandmother, Stacy,                   98 years-old and mother of Primo's
> father
> <957256UncGeorge.jpg>
> Primo's Aunt Mirka and Uncle George (Mirka is the sister of Primo's father)
> <954237Parents.jpg>
> Primo's Grandmother, Stacy, plus his cousin Arek and Aunt Mirka (who
> is Arek's mother and Primo's godmother)
> <954236Grand + Mother.jpg>
> Grandmother and Aunt Mirka - Mother and daughter
> Before Primo left for Poland, he also sent more photos of Courtney and friends. I added them to the photos I already posted. The link is:
>             http://cyber-community.com/Courtney/
> Hope Primo is enjoying family and friends!
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