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What a beautiful moving email about Courtney’s last days surrounded by devotion and love…thank you Primo and thank you Jane for contacting. What an inspiring life she was.
All blessings,
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> Dear Class,
> When Courtney passed I managed to contact Primo. He sent me the following on October 29th. I contacted him this weekend, and he said he would be happy if I shared his email with our list. 
> I wrote him back on Saturday, and he sent me photos of Courtney via my phone. I spent some time yesterday getting a program that moves the photos to the DCIM part of the phone photo gallery, and from there I was able to transfer them to my computer. So, will send some photos soon.
> It occurs to me that we might add Primo to our list, at least for a little while. I think it would be good for us and for Primo. If there is some reason not to include him, then let me know.
> Dearest Jane,
> I still remember our wonderful time with you in Santa Fe, we had such
> a great time over dinner that night and we were coming to that memory
> with Courtney and her visiting friends many many times ... after.
> I think we all were shock with Courtney passing. Even me,  although
> God was preparing me for that in gentle way since Courtney health
> started to decline the last two years. She was resurrected many times,
> to her normal self which was surprising to see how strong she was and
> her will to live. She loved life and made amazing use of it.
> It has started with her lungs collecting liquid and need of being
> drained every so often, we were going back and forward to the
> hospital. Treated with antibiotics for different infections. At the
> end her heart was too weak to recover.
> She was moved from reg floor to intensive care on Sept 23 and treated
> with strong medicine for heart, diuretics for liquid which was
> collecting in her body this time around, and strong medication to help
> her blood pressure. The medications were being increased daily, since
> there was no visible improvement. Till the doctors reached the maximum
> level on Wednesday morning and Courtney breathing became a problem.
> they called me at 5 am, that she is declining I was able to call 15 of
> her closest friends to the hospital including Debby Lilly ( they were
> luckily in town for haircut ) so we all gather around Courtney bed and
> we all were able to hold her hand and say goodbyes, with doctor advice
> we removed her from the strong medication which kept her alive at
> 12,30 noon and I was holding her hand we all were telling her how much
> we loved her..., She gave her last breath before after 4,30pm and
> before 5 pm it might have been 4,40/45pm. Our eyes were fixed on
> Courtney so it was hard to keep truck of time. She has passed
> surrounded by 15 of closest friend from different walks of life
> including her ex husband Bill. I was holding her hand which she keep
> squeezing and pulled to herself several times. She has died peacefully
> ... per aspera ad astra
> She was cremated on October 2nd, I miss her terribly everyday since
> her passing the only comfort I find in the thought that she doesn't
> suffer any longer. Although she never complaint about her illness nor
> anything in general all 15 years I have worked for her.
> In my opinion she was and is a Saint, but that just my opinion based
> on my daily life with her for 15 years.
> I would love to send you some copies of her obituaries...and some
> photos, if you could see me your mailing address, and Iphone nr?
> Here is my contact information;
> primoprzybylski at gmail.com <mailto:primoprzybylski at gmail.com>
> cell; 1 312 217 1972
> 900 N. LAKE SHORE DR.,
> APT - 2214
> CHICAGO,IL.60611-1576
> You can text me, that's probably the best way to reach me. I will be
> in Chicago. Going to Poland after nov 6 for 3 weeks to help my grandma
> who is 98 going on 99. Still very much independent. Much love to you
> and all the oxford girls...and their families. Keeping Nancy Young and
> Gorge in my prayers...and all of you as well. Let's keep in touch love
> you all! Sincerely, Primo
> -- 
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