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 Dear '63's
    I can't resist sending this photo of grandaughter Mia -- 8 yrs old.
Like her mother, Lindsay, and as she has her younger brother and sister
involved in, Mia has a flair for attire, both daily and special occasions.
  Today is field day at her school.  I thought the school's colors (well,
at least the fundraising stationery) were green and white, but the teams
for today are Orange and Something.

Lindsay says Mia had her outfit laid out 2 days ago.  Actually included an
orange raincoat.  Just as well as the rain started around 10:30 a.m.

Sharing these children's adventures is such fun:  Invigorating and often
memory-provoking.  Among other reveries, you know the memories that started
in this Grammy.   (I actually was a Gray -- certainly not as cheery as
orange.  But we wore no more than pinnies, right?   Can't remember.)

I send you all best wishes for a happy summer and maybe some happy memories.


Judith A. Powers
7 Lambert St.
Boston, MA 02119
215-514-7236 (c)
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