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Thanks for the update, Bonnie. Am so glad that Courtney is doing well - good news! 
As younger son, Zach, and his lady are leaving for South Africa on Thursday morning (!), we are celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday evening at a local restaurant with Stewart, older son, Ben, wife, Paige, and my grand, Reilly 
For T-giving proper, am going to my nephews in Springfield, MA. Yes, a very different kind of holiday this year! At least, the weather sounds OK!

Yes, am concerned re: Zach's trip, the timing of it, with all the current ISIS-related terrorism . . . yes, must think positive thoughts that all will be fine. Bonnie, so many thoughts came back re: Paris!! Our time together in Grenoble so many years ago!
I have friends from the Vineyard who live in Paris  . . . took me almost 10 hours to reach them! Yes, they are OK - shaken, to be sure, but OK. Not as an aside, have been thinking in and speaking a lot of French lately! Perhaps my way of preventing Alzheimers! Am so surprised that I am still fairly fluent! A co-worker is from France and gave me the thumbs up last week  !!

Happy Thanksgiving to all - 

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I finally called Courtney to get the details of the wonderful painting of her in Florence.

The artist, Joe Barbieri, still has a studio in Boston!  In 1966 he was staying in an apartment across the hall from Courtney's Wellesley Big Sister, who introduced them.  Courtney was there for her Jr. year abroad.  Joe asked if Courtney would pose for him.  The landscape is made up, but includes places near by in Florence....and people Joe knew.  The funniest thing, I thought, is the story of the person in stone in the lower left.  One of Joe's instructors at the PA Academy of Fine Art, where Joe was a student, was also in Florence, but declined to pose for the painting.  So, Joe painted him in stone!  I am going to send the photo of Courtney and the painting again, separately.

There!  I think I have it all right....and Courtney can add and correct if she would like.  She told me her two cataract operations are proving to be successful.  But long time, it seems, for her vision to settle down, and to get used to the new glasses.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  Hope you are surrounded by family and friends.  We are excited to be going to a friend's home in Rehoboth Beach for Thanksgiving; have never done that before.  Then off to New Orleans for Christmas.  Can't wait.
Love, Bonnie

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