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I would love to come to your opening, but I will be in Friendship renting Susie's cottage as we have done for 22 years!  What building is your creative sculpture in?  I will go up to W.H. Another time.

Have a wonderful summer!

Cheers, Lelly

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> On Jul 8, 2015, at 7:43 AM, oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com wrote:
> Betsy-Any chance you could come to KO on 9/17? That's the opening and dedication of the sculpture. It's in memory of Mike Fryer, longtime Director of facilities there. 
> Also, if I'm up on the island the last week of September, you both would be welcome. Take a break from Hog Isl. duties, and come out for lunch.
> Happy summer!
> Kate
> Kate Cheney Chappell
> P.O. Box 920
> Kennebunk, ME, 04043
> www.katechapellartspace.com 
>> On Jul 7, 2015, at 6:38 PM, "oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com" <oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com> wrote:
>> Kate, I will be at Hog Island for the Friends of Hog Island work week at the end of September, when we close the camp and put it to bed for the winter.  My sister will join me there as well, I think.  You two should try to get together when you are in SF visiting Luke.  
>> Have a great summer and a productive time on Monhegan!
>> Love, Betsy
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>>> On Jul 7, 2015, at 4:27 PM, oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com wrote:
>>> Dear Betsy,
>>> Yes, Luke is the baby... He's in San Francisco.
>>> I have seen the film and it's wonderful . Kauilani Lee is cousin to my cousin's wife, and goes to Small Point in the summer. I look forward to meeting her sometime. What a masterful and poignant performance!
>>> I'm glad you like the sculpture. It was 4 years in the making, most intensely this last year. I had wonderful help from folks at the school and my engineer and assistant. 
>>> Will you come to Hog is. This summer?
>>> All best,
>>> Kate
>>> Kate Cheney Chappell
>>> P.O. Box 920
>>> Kennebunk, ME, 04043
>>> www.katechapellartspace.com 
>>>> On Jul 5, 2015, at 2:05 PM, "oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com" <oxford63 at mailman.cyber-community.com> wrote:
>>>> Thanks, Kate!  It is truly an exciting time, but I have to admit I came home yesterday from Montreal after spending the week there helping Cate and Karim with Jema, and I slept 9 hours straight - totally exhausted!  I do see why the young have the babies!  You must have unlimited energy to be able to deal with 9!!  Luke is the “baby”, right?  
>>>> I LOVE your sculpture, and find it so appropriate to have it hanging at K-O… what an amazing piece of culture and Oxford heritage for them to have.  I look forward to seeing it “

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