[Oxford63] birthday ... 70th

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Sun Apr 12 13:14:09 MDT 2015

Hello dear classmates,
Sal sent me a card with a reminder to post photos, so here they are. One
from yesterday eve with my two sons,
younger Corwin (next to me) and older Dan with wife Sarah, and one from
this morning with husband Doug and Dan and Sarah. Wonderful relaxed
birthday with family. Just wish daughter Jessica could have been there too,
but she is in CA ... too far.
So here I am 70, and feeling just the same ... as yesterday! Can't say I
feel the same as I did at 30, but I can say I am a lot smarter and
wiser than I was at 30. That more than offsets the few aches and pains and
wrinkles and sags.
All is well. :)
Much love to all of you.
xxx Debbie

Life is a flow of love;
your participation is requested.
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