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Lelly, these are great!  Thanks for sharing.  And I absolutely support the idea of a trip on the CT River.  A few years ago I attended the wedding of one of my young cousins aboard one of those CT River boats, and it was great fun.  For those who suffer from seasickness and might therefore be hesitant, be assured that the boat was VERY stable - you wouldn't even have known you were on a boat - and the whole event was delightful.  And coming to see Lelly's house (and gardens, I presume!) sounds just perfect.  Thanks for offering, and count me in for 5 years hence!  Love to all,  Betsy

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Hi 63'ers, here a few afew of my pcitures to share - hopefully they will all
arrive in your inbox clearly!  Loved seeing you all - what a treat.  Judy and I
already talked about our next reunion in 5 years and perhaps taking a cruise
down the Ct. River on one of the river boats and then comiing to my house -
just a thought!

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