[Oxford63] More regrets :(

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Have been sleeping alot, but still feel yucky . . . time will tell - shall  
be there in spirit, Betsy.
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Susan, this sucks!  I was all excited about seeing you again,  and this is 
so sad.  I hope you feel better soon.  Sleep, drink  echinacea tea with 
honey, lemon (and maybe a spot of rum?), and sleep some  more.  Then if we're 
really lucky, you might feel well enough to come to  dinner on Saturday??  xxx 

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Hi everyone -
Just home from the doctor's . . . flu-like symptoms, chills and a fever!  I 
feel awful . . .  something going around at work and it found me  - lousy 
timing, to be  sure. Back to doctor tomorrow if I don't feel better.
Therefore will not be with you all this weekend, yet I shall be there in  
spirit. Have a wonderful weekend and do take lots of pictures.
May the rain stay along the coast and the sun shine in West  Hartford.
My thoughts are with you -

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