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This is so much fun to discover all the connections our mothers had to  
Oxford.  My mother, Marjorie Scott, would have been the class of 1937,  but 
went away to school at Dobbs for two or three years.  
I have very happy memories of my Hartford childhood.  After we moved  away 
to Fairfield in 1958 (December of 8th grade) I did not get back  to Hartford 
very often.  I ended up in the Boston area in Arlington, a  vibrant 
community that I share with Ann LeRoyer.  For many years I  would zoom by Hartford 
on my route to visit my parents, but as I crossed  the Charter Oak Bridge, I 
would always feel that magnet pulling me to  my roots.  Then our daughter, 
Sarah, went to Trinity, and I began to  be reacquainted with the city.  Both 
my parents are gone now, and as Joan  noticed, within five months of each 
other.  They are buried at Cedar Hill  with my grandparents and great 
grandparents...another magnet  pulling me....
Our Sarah now lives in NYC working for Yahoo.  Older sister, Rebecca  is in 
LA and younger brother Peter is in San Francisco...far form home but  
happily building their lives.
Wishing a happy reunion to all who will be there next weekend.....
Carol Doty Kalauskas  
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