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Yes, am thrilled that Ben is so "hands on" . . . guess I did something  
right  Was so much  fun, albeit exhausting, meeting the little man when he was 
a week old! They live  in Boston . . .
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Reilly is precious!  There are no words to  describe the joy of new life, 
that warm head against your cheek.  Isn't  it the best feeling to watch your 
child being a caring parent.

Enjoy  and see you in June to share pictures.


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Hi there everyone -
Am so delighted to introduce you to my 1st grandchild 
Born on January 3rd, 8 1/2 lbs. and so very healthy. I am  blessed.
Went to Boston to meet him when he was 1 week old - yes, put to work  
feeding, folding laundry, rocking, cooking . . . wanted to give Paige  some 
time out to 
catch a much-needed "cat nap" or two. Was so delighted to see that my  son, 
Ben, is a
very hands on Daddy. Shall I dare say he was well-raised???
This picture is of Reilly at 2 weeks old . . . 
Here's to our 50th - stay warm everyone!

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