[Oxford63] yoga

Judith Whitcomb judith.whitcomb at icloud.com
Thu Apr 18 02:20:17 MDT 2013

HI all-- It looks like the best timing for yoga is going to be just before lunch at Sandy's. Since Sandy can get us mats and a dance studio at Watkinson (which is also where she lives) it looks like that may be the best place. Barbara and I kind of feel we don't want this on the big K/O reunion calendar- we want this to be for us, and private. This yoga class is going to be very basic, which is good since I have taken  only one real yoga class in my life.
   This class should not get in the way of other activities like a walk in the park or touring the K/O campus. 
We plan to do the Yoga at 1145 to 1245 on Sat, then repair to Sandy's for lunch, giving time for those who want to attend the barbecue at K/O a chance to come over to Sandy's afterwards for Susie's brownies.
  Any comments? suggestions? 
     Judy W

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