[Oxford63] My apologies

Judy Powers judyapowers at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 14:04:55 MDT 2013

I'm so sorry for muddying the waters on the spreadsheet front.   I had not
accessed Nancy's original list as "shared" and was having trouble keeping
up.  I was remiss not to check with Nancy first -- or even to have imagined
that she wasn't using current sharing systems!

Nancy's spreadsheet of April 9 is shareable for those who wish to use it
and she has graciously offered to enter changes she catches.   Too keep
things clear, I'm deleting my creation and will stick with Nancy's .

I trust that sitting and chatting face to face will be less complicated.
That includes being able to have Courtney and any others who can't make it
themselves technologically present.  What a wonderful idea, Buena. Although
I thoroughly enjoy doing this with our grandchildren, I'm sorry I don't
have a laptop to bring to dinner with which to do FaceTime or Skype.
Would KO have one?

Looking forward ...

Judy P.

Judith A. Powers
4337 Larchwood Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215-387-0661 (h)
215-514-7236 (c)
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