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Wed Apr 10 18:08:29 MDT 2013

If lunch is to be elsewhere, shall gladly attend! Want to be with the  
majority  - just need  directions!
And I will bring a dessert - my brownies . . . a dessert given to my Mom  
MANY years ago from my Brownie leader, Mrs. Brownlee! And, yes, the recipe 
has  been published! A community cookbook that I created after 
too much time on the beach on Martha's Vineyard and "widows" dinners  
together when the husbands were off-island making it possible for us to be with  
our children on the island! Bottom line: such brats!
Yet, the cookbook took off and benefited the damage done from "The Perfect  
Storm" on the island . . 
So look forward to seeing you all!
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