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June 8th (the Saturday)  - can't believe I left if off.  I heard from Tina today - she is coming - yay! 

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Dear Claudia, 

That's helpful as I am not on any K-O mailing list s. I know someone at some point mentioned the actual date, but I failed to put it on my calendar. I could go back through the email, but if someone could post the dates, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. 

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Hi, All -  I wanted to put into writing everything that I know about the schedule so far, hoping that we are close to knowing what we are doing.  Cheers, Claudia 

Hotel accommodations - there are none planned at this time, but Barbara Gross Rucket has a suggestion - the Farmington Marriott (is that right, Barbara?) - we are happy to welcome guests at our house (we have 3 guest rooms - 2 double - nothing fancy) 


Friday night - informal dinner for those already in town - location:  restaurant? 


Saturday -  1.   lunch at Sandy's - possibly preceded by yoga or tennis - Sandy is looking into the facility issues. 

                    2.   KO - has a schedule.  (see KO scheduled events below) 


Saturday -  1.  3 pm Oxford tea at KO (with all classes) - 

                    2.   I am working on an idea for a tea for our class for those who are interested - will get back to you 

                    3.  alternatively, other activities for the afternoon scheduled by KO (again see below) 

                    4.  just us - walk at the reservoir, Elizabeth Park?? 


                   6 pm Photo/dinner at KO - the 50th reunion classes (K and O) will be in Alumni Hall at KO 

                              Class photo will be taken at dinner.  
                              No expenses for us or our guests! 

                              at this time, I have not heard about an alternative plan for the dinner 


Sunday - brunch at Claudia and Walter's (Alana Sobol in charge of food organization) - time? surprise performance?  singing of Jerusalem?  

               quiet time for reflective conversation (Nanny-Co facilitated this at the 25th and I personally liked this a lot)?  baseball (we have a space for 

               baseball and a motley collection of gloves, bats, balls)?  


KO reunion schedule below: 

10 a.m.-7 p.m.              Registration                                                                               Front Circle                                                                                                                            

10 a.m.-4 p.m.              Stroll Down Memory Lane                                                                 Alumni Hall                                                    A memorabilia exhibit                           


Art Exhibit                                                                                          Juros Gallery 


Visit the Connecticut Science Center, Mark Twain House or                     Various Locations 

Wadsworth Atheneum 

                                    Pick up your complimentary passes at the Registration Tent    


11 a.m.                         Morning Assembly                                                                       Roberts Theater          

Distinguished Alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame Awards 


12 p.m.                                     Barbecue Luncheon                                                         Main Tent 

                                    With our mascot KO-KO (pronounced “cocoa”) the wyvern and a strolling illusionist 


                                    Bouncy House                                                                              Senior Green 


12 p.m.-4 p.m.                 “Kingswood Oxford: The First 100 Years”                                       Roberts Theater 

Don’t miss KO’s centennial documentary, playing on a continuous loop 


1 p.m.                                     “ Innocent Eye,” by Patricia Rosoff Book Signing                 Class of 2013 Balcony 


1, 2, 3 p.m.                   School Tours                                                                               Depart from Registration 

Take a campus tour, including the new Science, Math and Technology Center 

with a Shield & Dragon guide   


1 p.m.-4 p.m.                Outlook Café                                                                                Class of 2013 Balcony 

Grab refreshments and a great new view of campus                                          


1:30 p.m.                      Alumni Boys’ Lacrosse Game                                                                        Turf Field 


3 p.m.-5 p.m.                Through the Years                                                                         Archives in Roberts   

                                    The School Archives will be open to view over 100 years of history. 


3 p.m.                           Oxford Tea                                                                                   Oxford Hall 

                                    All Oxford alums are invited to tea in Oxford Hall 


6 p.m.                          Dinner Celebrating: 

            50 th Reunion                                                                            Alumni Hall    

            25 th Reunion                                                                            Dining Hall    

            80 th , 75th, 70 th , 65 th , 60 th , 55 th , 45 th , 40 th , 

                    35 th , 30 th , 20 th , 15 th , 10 th , 5 th Reunions                                   Main Tent 


Celebrate! West Hartford 

Celebrate! is an annual festival held on the grounds of West Hartford Town Hall that provides attendees with a wide range of activities: an award-winning juried arts and crafts show, great food, entertainment, games, rides and a certified 5K road race. Hours are Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday noon-6 p.m. Be sure to stop by and celebrate! 



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Hello, all - 
   I've worked on trying to get info onto the spreadsheet, expanding it to include Sandy's for Sat. lunch and a column for brunch-bringings.  Barbara is the only one who has switched from KO lunch to Sandy's: Betsy?  Bonnie? Lelly? Nancy? Susan? Susie? 

Thank you for setting up the spreadsheet, Nancy.  For those of us "catching up," this is available to all, and anyone can work on it, highlighting whatever box you want to record anything in.   You access it by using Google docs (most currently available via Google Drive, but before I even had Drive, I could use a shared Google doc.   Its a great way to work together something that is evolving.  

Judy P. 

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I'll be helping Claudia with the Sunday Brunch. As of now six 63-ers are signed up on Nancy's spreadsheet. Claudia has given me her current list of brunch items.  So far Rena, Bonnie and I  have said what we will bring: coffee cake, Greek yogurt, blueberry muffins, bread, "something from whole Foods", and I recall Lelly offering champagne for mimosas.  
Please let me know what you will bring. OJ, fruits, something to spread/put on the bread come to mind. Once I have more info to submit perhaps Nancy could add another column, so it's all in one place. 
Spring has definitely arrived even here in the hills of Hartland where small patches of snow persist defied by crocus and chives. 
Enjoy the delicious air! 

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