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Hi, all.  I'm fine with lunch wherever everyone else decides we should go, so long as we're all together.  Why not go with the majority?  I just want to see everyone and be able to catch up with as many classmates as possible in the short time we have!  Betsy

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Hello, all -
   I've worked on trying to get info onto the spreadsheet, expanding it to include Sandy's for Sat. lunch and a column for brunch-bringings.  Barbara is the only one who has switched from KO lunch to Sandy's: Betsy?  Bonnie? Lelly? Nancy? Susan? Susie?

Thank you for setting up the spreadsheet, Nancy.  For those of us "catching up," this is available to all, and anyone can work on it, highlighting whatever box you want to record anything in.   You access it by using Google docs (most currently available via Google Drive, but before I even had Drive, I could use a shared Google doc.   Its a great way to work together something that is evolving. 

Judy P.

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I'll be helping Claudia with the Sunday Brunch. As of now six 63-ers are signed up on Nancy's spreadsheet. Claudia has given me her current list of brunch items.  So far Rena, Bonnie and I  have said what we will bring: coffee cake, Greek yogurt, blueberry muffins, bread, "something from whole Foods", and I recall Lelly offering champagne for mimosas.  
>Please let me
 know what you will bring. OJ, fruits, something to spread/put on the bread come to mind. Once I have more info to submit perhaps Nancy could add another column, so it's all in one place.
>Spring has definitely arrived even here in the hills of Hartland where small patches of snow persist defied by crocus and chives.
>Enjoy the delicious air!
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