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Deb and Doug Edson edson4550 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 11:21:33 MDT 2013

I thought I wrote a comment on the spread sheet and sent it to you all,
but, I don't think it worked. Sorry about that.

Anyway, my comment was that I think that some of us would like to go to the
KO luncheon, and others would like to go to Sandy's for lunch. As it
appears that all coming to the reunion will be going to the KO dinner
and/or Claudia's for brunch, I think this is fine. I do think that if you,
Nancy, could add another column on the spread sheet for lunch at Sandy's,
that would be helpful to her. Comments?

Also, Nancy, could you send out the spread sheet a week or so before the
reunion so we could see who's coming (or can we access it ourselves)? And,
thank you, miss mathematician, for organizing us. We really need it!!

XXX Debbie
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