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Thanks, Nancy - great idea to make a spreadsheet!  

I am now certain that I will be unable to attend the Sunday brunch at Claudia's - we are expecting guests from Australia that day, and I have to get home early.  

And you might want to add Susie Myers Howard to your list.  I believe she intends to be there on Saturday at least, because she has offered to drive me around!  :)  West Hartford has changed so much since I lived in CT that I'm afraid I'd get totally lost! 

See you all in June!  Betsy

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Hi everyone,

I've begun a spreadsheet to keep track of who will be attending what at our reunion.  For activities I've listed KO lunch, KO dinner, Oxford tea, yoga, and Sunday brunch.  I think some people may want to get together for dinner Friday night as well, so that's included as another option.

Let me know what you want to do and if you will bring a guest to any of the activities.  As we now know, the photo session is before the KO dinner, and there is no charge to any of us or our guests for any of the meals.

Attached is a partial spreadsheet with the activities I've mentioned.  I apologize to those whose names are missing - I drew some blanks.  Everyone in the class please send me your missing info.  Suggested additions/changes are welcome.

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