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Am chiming in here with another "agree".  
With the school providing us a Saturday  picnic and dinner, I think they're 
saying they really want us to  be there for this big occasion.  I don't 
think we could come up with  anything better on our own - plus it would 
definitely be work!
I will pass on Yoga, but I did like Judy's suggestion of a  walk through 
Elizabeth Park - the roses should at least have buds by that  time --- my car 
can take 3 others if anyone else is  interested.  They might even have a 
softball field there --- can't  remember.
Regardless, I'm all for the idea of keeping it simple  with down time to 
catch up with our old pals.
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I so agree, Lelly - a day at K-O to celebrate our 50th is all-important .  
. . the Saturday at K-O for photos, lunch and dinner so important - we have  
always been one incredible class and should continue to be so - wonderful!  
Perhaps a time out between lunch and dinner - a little shopping in West  
Hartford Center . . . or going wherever to shower, change clothes. The bottom  
line, we are celebrating our 50th! It must not become complicated, 
especially  for those who may be traveling a great distance!
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Bonnie and I agree with Kate that if the school is going to give us a  50th 
dinner we
should attend.  To plan another venue at this point seems like  alot of 
extra work for
some of us.  But we certainly need more input, and as they say,  the 
majority rules!


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Hi, all. I would love to do yoga, and even softball, Jane. Class  picture, 
lunch on Saturday, and brunch at Claudia's sound great. I am happy  to 
attend the 50th reunion dinner- that may keep the planning simpler than  trying 
to organize an alternative. Most of all, I want to be with all of  you. Are 
out of town people staying in a particular hotel or place?  Kate 

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Sandy here. I will definitely participate in the yoga class and  am glad to 
do it on the KO campus. (The Watkinson invitation still stands.)  I agree 
with Judy that beyond a presence at KO and class picture, I am far  more 
interested in gathering amongst ourselves for a picnic on Saturday, and  brunch 
at Claudia's on Sunday. I will be more than glad to contribute to  both of 
those meals in whatever way we choose. I have bedroom space and the  aerobed 
possibilities are promising as well. I'm in.

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Lelly  and Cotty are here visiting on their way back to CT from a 
cross-country  adventure.  We have been talking about reunion plans and think it is  
time to continue the conversation.  We don't have that  long!

We left off with the discussion of which events at the school  we were 
going to attend.  Susan--do you have an up-to-date list of  the events?  Lunch 
and class photo on Sat., assumedly, and then the  50th Reunion Dinner?  Plus, 
we had been talking about a yoga class.  And, Claudia, didn't you say 
something about a Sunday  brunch?

We hope that those of you who did not weigh in before will  share your 
ideas now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend with family  and friends.

Love, Lelly and Bonnie

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