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Thought so, too - yet, a consensus of the class will work - what is best  
for those who are traveling/flying?
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Hi Susan.  i thought the idea was that Claudia had so kindly offered  her 
home for brunch on Sunday...not that we weren't going to attend the events  
on Saturday at school.   

Thanks   Bonnie

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Hi there everyone -
Just want to know . . . is the consensus that we not meet at Kingswood  for 
a reunion/photo op in favor of a lunch at Claudia's? Yes, agree that  
Kingswood was NOT our school, yet fun to catch up with other classes,  especially 
Kingswood Class of '63.
Sounds lovely . . . yet, I would frankly like to catch up with other  
classes and our Kingswood class. I do not want to be the class that negates  the 
public 50th! Would love to meet at Kingswood then go to Claudia's . .  .
what are all of your thoughts?
Hope that you all had a lovely T-Giving.

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