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Would appreciate input . . . Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
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Hi Sue ---
I don't know how much response you've received so far on your  "ideas" 
request, but I'm now starting to think - why not follow  the proposal Brewster 
mentioned that their class is doing?  From  what I gleaned, the boys are 
having lunch, tours, and dinner at their old  Alumnae Hall --- and all at the 
school's expense! (although haven't  figured out how or why the school is 
going to pick up that huge  tab!)   I see it as a time we too could do the same 
kind of  thing:  catch up with each other during the tours  -  and they 
probably have sitting areas open to us for talking,  Barbara's yoga, whatever - 
which I would think most of us want to do.   Even though Prospect Ave. is 
gone, it still could be fun to take tours of our  school as it exists today, 
as well as some of the other tours of  museums close by.
I still like Lelly's idea of a back yard tent at her home, but the  
transportation logistics could be a thorn in our side, and we might want to  save 
the driving time to just be together a little longer.
Regardless - I think the school could do a pretty good job for  us.
What are your thoughts about it?
Love, Susie
P.S. Would you happen to know if the event is a one day (Saturday) or two  
day (Saturday & Sunday) duration? 

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FYI - This will help us plan our activities for the reunion.
Lelly and I will work together to make all arrangements. All we need  are
your ideas.
Here's to our 50th!
For those of you in the Northeast, do stay safe!
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Hi Susan, 

Thank you for your call and email. I am  excited that people are talking 
about and planning for Reunion!  

Attached for your review is the tentative schedule of events at  KO. We 
would be more then happy to add or edit an event your class might  be 
particularly interested in so please let me know if you have any  feedback. 

Thank you for reaching out to your classmates. Please  let me know if there 
are any questions. 


"Susan Snow" <ssnow at ICON-INTL.com> writes:
>Hi  Nicole -
>Just following up re: voicemail that I left  for you earlier.
>We are trying to plan our 50th  reunion (!) and would like to know 
>what K-O has planned thus  far.
>Please send me the events so that I can pass  onto my classmates
>and plan accordingly.
>Thank  you for your assistance -
>Susan Powell  Snow

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