[Oxford63] Reunion

Judith Whitcomb jwhitcomb at alaska.com
Tue Mar 25 09:20:01 MST 2008

   Thank you so much for your planning. Count me in. I will be able to 
send money after my return on April 28th.
I still hope that Courtney can come. Let us know the time and 

   I guess an invitation is coming with directions to the museum in New 
Britain? Timing?  I am excited.

   I am so glad I got my ticket from Alaska early with miles. I hope you 
can swing it. I'd love to see you.

    What an incredible response.   What an incredible class.

  Lots of love to all,

On Mar 24, 2008, at 10:48 AM, LESLIE BARLOW wrote:

> Hi again -
> Good News!  Agnes has offered her very lovely and spacious home on
> Orchard Rd. (off Mountain) for our dinner.  She said she would love to
> have us all there!
> We'll have to get it catered (she didn't offer that!), but she knows of
> someone who is reasonable and good.  We thought just a casual dinner -
> paper plates, etc.  We'll also have to think about wine and other 
> drinks.
> This should be really easy to plan - I'll just need to know numbers and
> if you all think it's a good plan.
> And what about Courtney - there has been no mention of her.  Will she
> come?
> Best to everyone -
> Lelly
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