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Thank you, Nanny-Co - we are blessed from the support of so many.
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So glad  to hear the good, exuberant news. May he regain his good health in 
no time.  Best to you and to him, Nanny-Co

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Hi there everyone - 
Zach's surgery on July 28th, 9 hours long, went very well. Went in  expecting 
to lose at least 1 if not both kidneys (!). Stewart, his wife and  I were 
there together. The wonderful news was that all cancer was removed  without 
impacting any organs. Yes, prayers were answered.
My company gave me 3 days hotel/parking so I did not have to leave NYC  until 
Thursday afternoon. Such a
wonderful and unexpected gift!
Zach is a wonder and an inspiration - he was on his feet the day  after 
surgery, with tubes and IVs, walking with a respiratory therapist. The  number of 
visitors, calls and balloons almost crowded us out!
Discharged this past Wednesday, cancer-free, he is staying with Stewart  and 
wife for a month, the time he cannot drive. He will be returning to  Sloan to 
see his doctor every 2 weeks for awhile, but the prognosis is so  positive. We 
have been blessed!
Thoughts to you all -

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