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Tue Apr 29 03:25:17 MDT 2008

Dear Lelly,
Thanks for putting this together. I wanted to give you our food  preferences. 
Tom is allergic to wheat and cow dairy (goat and sheep cheese etc  is fine), 
so if we can avoid creamy sauces and pasta that would be great for us.  Any 
meat, fish (except scallops and shrimp), veggie (except asapargus for him).  
Sorry this is so broad, but I appreciate your asking.
We look forward to a lovely evening.
All the best,
 P.S. I just got back from making a video of the exhibit at  the museum! It 
will be made into a DVD. We had a lot of fun filming a  short tour of the New 
Britain Museum with Director, Douglas  Hyland, focusing on the NEW/NOW gallery 
and visitors interactions with  it. A group of medical students (part of a 
course on perception developed  at Yale and jointly conducted by Uconn and the NB 
Museum), doctors, docents, and  a homeschooler all contributed.  It will be 
available later for people  who missed the show.
Kate Cheney  Chappell
PO Box 920
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Phone: 207.985.3132
Fax:  207.985.8738
Email: kcpoetry at aol.com

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