[Oxford63] Saturday Dinner

Betsy Cadbury betsycadbury at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 15:39:31 MDT 2008

Lelly, you are great to make all these arrangements! 
I would love to come, but am already totally
overextended for that time period.  I, too, will plan
to make it for our 50th for sure, and think Jane's
idea of a 3-day weekend with pool, hiking trails and
time to reconnect with everyone at leisure is a
terrific plan.

Meanwhile, it's great to hear everyone "talking", and
I will be most interested to have a report on how the
weekend goes.  Have a wonderful time!  Best wishes and
big hugs to all,  Betsy

--- LESLIE BARLOW <cmbarlow at snet.net> wrote:

> Hey Everyone -
>   I need to know by May 1st how many of you will be
> joining us for dinner
>   at the Peelles including husbands, etc.
>   We will probably be gathering around 5 and make it
> an early evening so
>   that people that have to drive can get home at a
> decent hour.
>   So let me know.
>   Lelly
> Leslie & Cotty>
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