[Oxford63] We are still such a class!

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Tue Apr 15 18:42:11 MDT 2008

Hi everyone -
Words are truly insufficient for the support I have received from so many  of 
you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart - overwhelming, yet increases my  
strength as we go forward with Zach.
We all are wearing Livestrong bracelets . . . and I have ordered Lance  
Armstrong's book.
The most amazing gift: all of Zach's co-workers have given up their  vacation 
time so that Z will not lose
his pay! Wow! Was one of the few times Zach was choked up.
His chemo and journey starts on Monday, the 21st - very vigorous . . .  shall 
keep you posted, dear friends.
Yes, he is positive, educated and going forward with the knowledge that he  
has an incredible support group.
All love - 

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