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Thanks, Susie - am so glad to hear that both you and Bunk are doing well.  
Did not know . . . we must cherish each day as it comes and take nothing for  
granted. Bless you 
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Susan, I just read the e-mail about your son, Zach and wanted you to know  
thta you are in my thoughts and prayers. Bunk has successfully battled throat  
cancer and has been cancer free for over a year. I, myself, just finished  
radiation for breast cancer and am feeling fine! It is quite a journey but one  
now filled with so much hope. Love to you and yours, Susie Margraf

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Hello everyone -
Have been looking forward to our 45th with camera in hand!
Yet, recently, reality has come to the forefront . . . after 4 weeks of  
tests at Sloan-Kettering, my younger son, Zach, has been diagnosed with  cancer . 
. . testicular. The prognosis is great, yet he must undergo weeks  of chemo. 
He is such an inspiration, at 27: going to work everyday, shooting  on the 
weekends: sporting clays, et al - as he puts it, with every clay  pigeon I kill ( 
a dead shot and award winner), I also kill this cancer. And  he is also 
socializing. Yes, scared, but going forward with knowledge and  head held high.
By virtue of Sloan and many questions asked, he knows what is ahead . .  . 
hair loss, nausea, fatigue . . .
the great thing is that he has been with his dad, Stewart, every step  of the 
way! Such a bonding! And he has been communicating with me and his  brother, 
I have been doing research, so I also knows what is ahead. His chemo  starts 
the weekend of reunion - by virtue of unknown reactions, I must  remain here 
for him. Yes, we are all optimistic. Am now wearing a Livestrong  for him, as 
are my entire family and friends, for Zach has the same kind of  cancer that 
Lance Armstrong had, yet it has not traveled to the brain . . .  the yellow 
bracelet is encouragement for me.
Take lots of pics, ladies, and send them to me . . . yes, shall be in  next 
K-O News!
Love to you all - Happy 45th - and remember the 60 is the new 50!

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