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Dear Friends,
I have been on Monhegan Island most of the summer, so am catching up now on  
e-mail. This has been a momentous year for Tom and me. The strategic 
partnership  forged between Tom's of Maine and Colgate-Palmolive is working out very  
well. Colgate is a fine company whose values are"caring, continuous improvement 
 and global teamwork."  They are glad to see Tom's of Maine remain in Maine  
as a stand alone enterprise with our values, people, and Natural Charter 
intact.  Tom and I have really enjoyed working with the folks at Colgate. We have 
been  down to New York this summer to run joint training based on our 7 
Intentions of  Values-Centered Leadership. I thought of Miss Evans as I used poetry  
for exercises I design to get us connected, and Mrs. Jones as I had business  
executives from around the world work with clay and art for creativity  
On the grandchild front, we now have 7, going on 8! Tom and I attended  
baptisms this summer for our first granddaughters: twins Hazel and Ivy  Armentrout 
(daughter Sarah's in Lyman, ME) and Eszter Electa Chappell, our first  son 
Chris' daughter in Petaluma, CA.
The big art news in Maine this fall is our Maine Year of the Print. We will  
be having 25 different shows throughout the state based on printmaking. 
Portland  Museum of Art, Bowdoin, Bates, Colby and U of Maine museums are all 
involved. I  will be in 3 different shows with my collographs, intaglio prints, and  
sculptural paper Earth Envelopes (one was featured in color in Downeast  
magazine, August issue.) 
I had a great visit from Betsy Cadbury, her husband, and her sister,  Peggy. 
They came out to see me on Monhegan, where I have a summer studio.  Peggy is 
an artist so we talked shop, and Betsy enjoyed soaking up the island  
atmosphere which included a locally organized folk concert. It was so good to  catch 
up. Betsy and Peggy's Mom is still going strong, and there have been lots  of 
celebrations on Hog Island (near Monhegan), where the Cadbury's have been an  
integral part of the Audubon Camp there.
Hope you all are well.  
Kate Cheney  Chappell
PO Box 920
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Phone: 207.985.3132
Fax:  207.985.8738
Email: kcpoetry at aol.com
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