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Sun Oct 1 19:24:27 MDT 2006

Dear classmates, all (at least those on this wonderful list) -
    Summer flew, my computer died and I missed the deadline Sue had so generously given us Plenty of Time to meet.  I'm happily clicking away on my new keyboard for the first time tonight and want to account for myself.  Such events as the e-messages from occasional others of you, the beginning of notices about 40th college reunion AND having had to detour off I-84 (some dreadful accident), right past K-O and down Farmington Ave. on a Philly-Maine trip after Labor Day -- all have had my thoughts running toward you all.
    My living most of the time in Philadelphia began last September - 2005.  In July of 2004, my partner Nancy had been hirred onto the faculty at Penn so she was going to be here much longer than the 2 year postdoctoral study she had originally come for!   After 5 years as Director of a preschool and social service agency for little ones with special needs in Rockland Maine, I had reached a point where I felt I could leave the organization in better shape (fiscally and physically) than I'd found it.  The work there had been very satisfying -- always a bit on the edge financially, but I found I was able to use my familiarity with the legislative process to advocate well at that level, to help create and work successfully with a strong board, and to put lots of systems and details in order.
    We've kept our property in Maine, with tenants, so I've spent the summers there working on that property.  Much more pleasant than the humidity of Philadelphia, too!
    Last winter I was the general contractor for and assistant to the carpenter on renovations here.  Nancy and I were fortunate to be able to buy a 1904 Victorain "twin" -- 3 story brick with 6 bedrooms and 10 foot ceilings (very different from our owner-built home in Maine!).  It had never been divided into apartments as so many have and had much of the original detail.  It had had some neglect over the last 10 years, so exterior painting; rebuild of front porch; renovation of kitchen, second floor bath and back porch; installation of first floor lavatory and a back deck were the 9 month birthing process of last year.  On-going details are this ahead for this year and I would like to be working some part time in the community.
    The house is a just a half mile from the Penn campus.  We're delighted to be down to one car.  I love just stepping out the door and starting the walk to wherever, including to the bus or trolley at the corner.  This is so different from anywhere I've ever lived before except for the 3 years I was in Madison WI at graduate school.  
    Daughters: Lindsay, now back from a year of work in the Dominican Republic, is going to be working as a bilingual case worker for Aids Action here in Philadelphia.   Erika, a nurse, married in June, 2005 in Maine, lives in Northridge, CA (LA area) with her husband who was born and raised out there. Seems like that coast is definitely home for them, so, like so many of you, we travel there or to common places (Dominican Republic for New Year's last year) to visit.
    This is MORE than enough out of me.  My best to any and all who might have read this far.

Judith A. Powers
4337 Larchwood Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
judypowers at att.net
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