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Judith Whitcomb jwhitcomb at alaska.com
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   I'm off to Chicago in the 14th to a meeting and will be having 
breakfast with Courtney that morning. We'll email you a photo of the 
two of us and see if you can sneak it in to K-O under the line.
  Everything is OK with me so far- still working. Jamie is 20, going to 
college here in Anchorage and living in his own apartment. I've been 
hearing from him more recently lately since tuition has been due and 
books need to be paid for. I do love having him around.
I just got back from a Turkish wedding in southern California with many 
of my Turkish AFS family coming over from Turkey for the wedding. Two 
weeks ago we put henna on our hands at a traditional prewedding ladies 
party (I called it the henna hen party) and it is still there. I was 
afraid they wouldn't let me in  the operating room. I saw members of my 
Turkish family I haven't seen since 1962 and now they have 
grandchildren who were my age when I was there. It was an incredible 
   I saw Rena last summer and had a quick spontaneous breakfast with her 
in Boston. She is as beautiful and intense and caring as always.
   Lots of love to all,

On Aug 29, 2006, at 6:24 PM, MVSPS at aol.com wrote:

> If you have news/pics that you want to share, please do so before  
> 9/7/06 - I still have to write all for K-O! My deadline for K-O is  
> 9/12!
> Have heard from some of you, thanks. Let this be a 100% effort.
> Thanks -
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