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Hello,all '63s,
Last night was the opening of my show, The Envelope Project, at True  North's 
3rd Annual Conference on Integrative Medicine, held at the Black point  Inn 
in Scarborough, Maine. With over 200 doctors and health care professionals  
from shamanic healers to holistic M.D.s, this is an unusual venue for me.  It all 
came about because Dr. David Jones, Pres. of the American Holistic  Medical 
Assoc., and Bethany Hayes, M.D. founder of True  North 
(trunorthhealthcenter.org), went to see my solo show, ENVELOPE last  year and persuaded me to bring 
part of it to the conference. The Envelope  Project has been 3 years in the 
making, starting with my reading a poem by  Maxine Kumin called "The Envelope" 
while I was on a month-long residency at the  Vermont Studio Center, and 
culminating in a one of a kind artist book which  I conceived and executed, in 
collaboration with 21 other artists. Here is  part of my speech last night to the 
conference describing my  experience:
The exhibit space is a living room/meditation space/art room, set up by me  
and another artist in the Project. I have the Envelope Book in the middle, 
which  can be read communally, one envelope at a time. On the walls are 7 
monotypes of  inverted envelopes; on the tables,an artist book I made called "The 
Apple of her  Eye", about my vigil during my mother's last days at Mclean's 
hospice in  Simsbury, a letterpress book of a poem, "Gloves", which I wrote after 
she died.  Also spread around the room are envelopes, paper, paints, brushes,  
feathers, beads, shells, and other art materials for the conference  attendes 
to use in response. This is an interactive art show, meant to  engage and 
deepen the viewers experience. I am looking forward to witnessing  what creative 
surprises come in the next few days!
That's the report from Maine.
I leave you with a quote from Rilke, on of my favorite poets,
 "Live the questions now." 
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