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Mon Oct 27 19:49:30 MST 2003

Courtney’s mom died, unexpectedly after surgery, on October 18th. Court
had talked to her that week and just prior to the surgery.  The Sunday
after our reunion she had been able to spend time with her mother,
brother, and aunt.  


I always had a fondness for Mrs. Graham and her sense of “guest.”  One
Saturday morning after a sleep-over, Courtney and I were checking out
the refrigerator for food. I spotted an éclair and thought it would be
the perfect thing – Courtney insisted that it was not breakfast fare.
Mrs. Graham came in and asked what we were “discussing.”  Much to
Court’s surprise and my delight, she invoked the “humor guest rule.”  A
silly thing to remember, but then memory is such a questionable thing
these days. 



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